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About us

Why we're here
BluBinder was created to help adult children and the elders they love, streamline and manage their financial affairs… minus the high cost, anxiety, and complexity they currently face.

Most families find keeping track of important documents and account information to be a real burden. Just witness the binders, boxes, drawers, filing cabinets, spreadsheets, passwords scribbled in address books, or any of the dozens of other methods we use to “organize” it all. Nearly always, it’s a mess.

And often just when stress is highest, like during a health emergency, we find ourselves scrambling to locate something that has suddenly become critical—but which no one anticipated needing one day. Dad’s original birth certificate? The password for Mom’s social security account? It goes on and on.

At best, it’s a time-consuming hassle. At worst, it can prevent family members from getting the support or resources they need.


Wouldn’t it be great if there were something to help? Now there is.

you and yours
the ties that bind.

BluBinder is a mobile app with an AI “brain” that gathers, organizes, stores, and keeps updated all of life’s most important (but, frankly, least enjoyable) information. With BluBinder in hand, you have instant access to information that’s never out of date, whenever and wherever you need it.

You and your family members have the power to seamlessly share info among yourselves and with trusted caregivers or advisors—so everyone stays in the know. And, it’s all protected by levels of security higher than that of most banks today. 

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